Our pricing is straight forward; we do not up-charge for additional zones except in the rare case your system has over 8 zones or more than one Backflow preventer.



There is no doubt that leaving water in your sprinkler system will cause damage. Blowing out your system properly can not only prevent extensive damage in the Spring, but can also prevent long term damage to plastics in the system. Leaving some water in the system year over year causes stretching and contracting that will eventually lead to leaks. During our summer repair season the majority of our repairs, and the most expensive for our customers are caused by freeze damage.

Tow behind compressors use simular air pressure as home improvement portable compressors but with much larger volume of air flow (CFM – cubic feet per minute). In other words same pressure with higher volume to displace or push water out of your sprinkler system. Smaller compressors and hoses push out a minimum amount of water out and then “skip” across the top leaving water in your lines. We have a regular repair customer that used a home improvement compressor to blow out his system for years. He asked me to blow out his system after he had already blown it out with his compressor. He was stunned to see how much water the high CFM tow behind compressor blew out. There are quite a few fencing companies using a home improvement compressors and 3/8″ hose strapped to their pickup to winterize systems, these compressors do not push a high enough VOLUME of air to clear out 3/4″ or 1 Sprinkler lines

Using a full time professional Sprinkler Company to blow out your system assures the technician who works on your system knows what they are doing. Hiring a fencing company or other trade company or individuals to handle your blowouts is like calling a plumber for an electrical short.  Hire a professional that cares for and installs irrigation systems all year and understands system design. Additionally, in the spring when that fencing or concrete company is starting up their fence or patio season, we will be around to back up our work and offer you any further services you may need through the watering season. We are here to stay and want your business year after year.

When scheduling with our company or any sprinkler company make sure that you ask for the price quote for YOUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM that reflects the amount of zones your system has and your area of town. Many companies (especially ones advertising with street signs), advertise a low price on their sign, but when they arrive to do the blowout they change the price if you have more than 2 zones. Also remember to be aware of amateurs from other industries such as fencing or concrete companies who join the sprinkler industry for one month a year to make a little money doing something they know very little about. These individuals go back to building fences in the spring when its time to back up their work.

Peakview Irrigation has been caring for our customer’s sprinkler systems for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on offering hard thoughtful work at a competitive price year after year. We offer a great service at reasonable set rates. We predominantly work in the north east end of Colorado Springs Call for details. 

We are a family owned and operated business, and we don’t hire temps during the busy season. Each year you will see the same faces, and receive the same caring and courteous service.

Peakview Irrigation begins scheduling sprinkler blowouts / winterizations in mid September. We winterize sprinkler systems throughout the entire month of October. Some homeowners risk their sprinkler system by putting  off scheduling for a few extra watering  cycles. Landscapes and turf are going dormant in Colorado by this time, the risk of leaving sprinkler systems on outweighs the benefit of a few extra watering cycles.  

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