Peakview Irrigation is a full service professional sprinkler company. We specialize in long lasting triple coverage designs relying on high grade materials. We only use commercial grade parts manufactured by the top names in the industry. Many of our competitors use low grade residential parts purchased at the local hardware store and their performance shows this. Our main source of new business is from referrals


It is important for you to be available during our estimate walk through. A new sprinkler system is a substantial investment, and its imperative that we receive your full input. During this meeting it is important to advise us of everything you have in mind for your new system. We recommend sitting down before the meeting and writing out a list of features you are looking for along with specifications such as landscape layout. Some examples of the features to consider for this list are: OVERALL LANDSCAPE DESIGN, TURF AND DRIP ZONES, SMART IRRIGATION COMPONENTS SUCH AS WIFI CONTROLLER AND SENSORS. FUTURE EXPANSION PLANS, ETC. 
This is a good time to also advise us of characteristics of your yard that we should be aware of before the installation such as EXISTING non-utility cables for low voltage lighting, UNDERGROUND PET FENCING and underground drainage systems, etc. We highly recommend that if this a new yard or an older yard with more projects going on, that all hardscapes such as edging, rock, soil tilling, and concrete work be done before Peakview Irrigation begins installation. This will help safe guard your new system from damage. tURF, TREES AND PLANTS SHOULD BE INSTALLED AFTER THE SYSTEM IS COMPLETE.

We have chosen system components for our installations based on product reliability and user friendly adjustments. All of these parts are selected from top manufacturers in the industry to assure your satisfaction with the durability, reliability and design. Installation usually takes 1-7 days depending on the job size and complexity. During this time for safety reasons AND AVOIDANCE OF ADDITIONAL CHARGES it is important for you to keep visitors, children and pets out of the WORK AREA INCLUDING trenches and potholes cut throughout your yard.

As mentioned before if your yard has not yet been landscaped it is important to complete all hardscape projects such as rock, edging, soil tilling, and concrete work before our installation begins. Once the system is in, take care when installing new plants and turf to not damage sprinkler system components with shovels etc. We will place pipes approximately 5-9 inches below grade dirt, but keep in mind that some settling in the soil can allow pipes to rise so take care in digging around the system. 
If the installation IS on a previously landscaped yard there will be seams throughout your entire property where components, pipes and wires have been buried. Once the installation is complete restoration is easy and you can get some tips on our Post-Installation Restoration page.

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